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Customer Tetimonials

  • Elizabeth A.


    Its Elizabeth from LSM Soaps! Glad to see you here...here's what we want from you!

    We created a page so fans of Le Savonnier Marseillais Soap can post their biggest story of how our 100% Natural Soap helped you get your life, only cleaner! Now these could be very mundane, like I was able to get a stain out of a carpet, or the soap helped me get rid of a pest infestation on my outdoor plants. Basically, the story should be what is important to you and how the soap helped you. I encourage you to submit the most unusual and perhaps outrageous story. Maybe your child melted crayons and then the dog ran through the liquid crayon getting stains all over the carpet and on the dog. Le Savonnier Marseillais came to the rescue and turned this horror story into a laughable episode of kids and dogs.

    Basically, this is your forum to educate and get educated all around, and to suggest how someone else can benefit from our 100% all natural soaps. LSM Soaps will run several of your stories in the newsletter and subscribers will see how others are using our soap and how it helps. Each quarter we will choose a story and that person (customer) will win a free bottle of soap.

    Thanks for stopping by!


    Elizabeth A.
    info@thevintagesoapfactory.com   Le Savonnier Marseillais