The many benefits of using olive oil in food preparation are widely known but what is less known is its benefit it has on our skin. It absorbs into the skin without interfering with the natural skin function. It attracts and holds moisture close to the skin. It is gentle, cleansing and moisturizing, thus leaving our skin nourished.

No matter your preference whether Castile, Marseilles, or even Aleppo soap, they all mean the same thing, pure 100 percent olive oil soap. In its mildest and most moisturizing of forms. On the other hand commercial soaps are detergents, a concoction of chemicals which is rubbed onto the skin. No wonder there are so many people with skin problems.

Using pure olive oil soap which has a  lower pH than most commercial soaps makes it suitable for people with very sensitive or dry skins.  Olive oil soap not only gently cleans but it also moisturises, nourishes and improves resilience of the skin.

The main ingredient is olive oil which is expensive, whereas other vegetable oils are cheaper but do not have the same beneficial properties. We also use a traditional hot process method to make our soap. This results in the natural glycerine and other beneficial properties being retained in the soap.

The Vintage Soap Factory is committed to developing and manufacturing products that are not only nourishing to your skin, but are also ecologically sound. Like our Le Savonnier Marseillais brand that protects not only your own health and that of your family, but also, the health of rivers, streams and oceans. We invite you to try it!