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Meet Our Company.

Everyday we set out to continue to build on our philosophy of making the best natural soap for you and your family. A soap or product that we produce, in which we are committed to be the best for you and your daily uses. It is this commitment and philosophy that dedicates our actions to you and success. We define our success not by what we say; but by what we make.

We take pride in our products and how they can help you. We know what competitors offer in the market and we guarantee there is nothing like our soap in the world, unless you buy from the South of France where the recipe was developed over 600 years ago.

Our Mission: Who says you have to clean with an arsenal of products? What goes into creating a line? Le Savonnier Marseillais was started with one goal in mind: to create safe, efficient and effective (a triple threat) home keeping products that are good for you and the environment (and actually work). We’re not just another me too brand, there’s some serious leg work in those pretty brown bottles. Our goal is to make everything you need to clean anything you want with one all purpose bottle! Why be conventional when you can be natural?
Our Core Values: Soap is our Passion. Quality, Durability, and Responsibility is our obsession.

Our Motto: Your life only cleaner!

Meet Our Team.


Meet a few of our happy customers from all over the world
  • I loved that I can use this soap in such a variety of ways. I used it as a kitchen soap, hand soap, dish soap, and even as my laundry detergent. I loved the lavender aroma it gave my clothes. So relaxing!
    Ashley, USA



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